For Scarves That Stay On! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is G-Wrap™ Scarf different?  If you wear a sleep scarf to protect or to set your hair while you sleep then you know it typically ends up on the pillow next to you when you awaken or you spend all night readjusting, retying or worse, getting a headache from being too tight. G-Wrap™ scarves solved these problems with the incorporation of various design features found exclusively on our scarves. G-Wrap™ hair scarf is uniquely designed and is patented(D610,782). One of our main design feature--the addition of a soft stretch lace or stretchable forehead band dramatically reduces movement of the scarf and prevents the scarf from falling off your head during sleep. With less sliding there is also less friction and stress on your hair and may reduce hair breakage. In addition, our scarves may reduce hairline breakage or thinning --a condition called traction alopecia, because the forehead band sits below the hairline (be sure to keep forehead band below the hairline when applying).

Will the G-Wrap fit my head size?  The original nylon and the newer Spandex and interlock G-Wrap hair scarves are stretchable, and readily conforms to fit most head sizes from children to adults and heads with thick or voluminous hair. The silk, and charmuese satin scarves are woven fabrics and have a slightly larger cap but may be adjusted easily to fit most head sizes. Simply bring ties upward slightly so they rest on the fabric in back (at nape) rather than the bare skin, pull down the excess fabric in the back(nape) to your desired fit. Or, pull ties through a ponytail holder , twist to desired tightness and apply wrap, adjust ties to fit head size

Why does it cost so much more than other hair wraps? Our hair scarves are made in the America using top quality fabrics and our exclusive designs offers unmatched protection and comfort. We carefully select our fabrics first and foremost to be sure they provide the softest and smoothest protection. Quality control goes into every hair wrap/bonnet. Each of our product must meet strict quality manufacturing standards. Dry hair breaks easily so we select fabrics that have low absorbent qualities to help reduce wicking of natural oils and moisture from your hair.

• Can any type of hair use the G-WrapTM? Absolutely, our scarves are universal for all hair types. In addition to nighttime protection, our scarves provide for quick hair sets and styling, are attractive for a stylish acessory, for head covering for alopecia, due to chemo or other medical conditions

. •How do I use the G-Wrap to maintain a straight look without using flat irons every day? Before going to sleep, brush hair smoothly around head, use bobby pins only if necessary to hold  hair in place; (avoiding any metal clips to hair is best to reduce breakage) apply G-Wrap scarf.  (Our stretchable scarves works best on this set). If hair is very long and difficult to do a wrap set; or you do not wish to do the dry circular wrap set a loose ponytail with ends tucked under inside the cap-- will work wonders for fast hair styling in the mornings. Maintain curled hair with a few pin curls for a fast comb-outs in the mornings.  Naturalistas--Lightly moisturize your hair before braiding or twisting apply G-Wrap, for fast morning twist-outs. 

The fabric is very slick and the ties are sliding back and loosening the wrap. Try tying the ties first 2xs in the back (nape) instead of crisscrossing it. Be sure the ties sit on top of the fabric not on your bare skin when tying. This will prevents hairs from getting caught up in the ties and will allow adjustment for a more snug fit. Or, put ponytail holder around ties .

• Can I order by mail? Yes, use the "add to cart" button to add item(s) into the cart. It will automatically calculate items you want including any applicable taxes, shipping and handling costs. Print a copy of your order from the shopping cart, write your name, shipping address/phone, email address and just mail it in with your payment. You can also print an order form clicking link below or click here (Mail Order form); complete the information and then mail order with your check or money order to the address below. Your order will be shipped after your check clears. G-Wrap Company 501 Florida Central Pwky, # 520949, Longwood, FL 32752

How do I care for my G-Wrap™? The nylon and polyester charmuese satin scarves/bonnet are machine washable (delicate), and dryer safe. Silk may be hand washed and hung to dry. Silk is known to shrink slightly (about 4-8%) with washing so most silk manufacturers recommend dry cleaning.

Will the G-Wrap leave marks/lines on my forehead? In most cases you will not have any lines/dents on your forehead. If you do, it's possible you are tying the hair wrap too tight. It is not necessary to pull it very tight to stay on because the stretch lace, gently grips your forehead so it minimizes sliding. If you are not tying the wrap too tight and still getting marks, lines/dent in your forehead, try turning the wrap inside out so that the stitching is on the outside and not directly on your skin.  After tying on the scarf you can also flip the lace upward onto the fabric to get it off your skin. Please email or call 407-496-4489 if you have questions about your hair wrap.