For Scarves That Stay On! 

About Us

The G-Wrap Company, LLC is a family owned and operated business started by a former Cosmetologist and Nurse.

What drives us
Knowing that we have a product that can help women to protect their hair and reduce the amount of time spent on daily hair maintenance and styling. Our business philosophy is to provide high quality products that can improve lives and to provide reliable service to our customers. We are proud to introduce a truly innovative hair scarf that actually solves the age-old problem millions of women who wear a sleep scarf or bonnet. The G-Wrap scarf is patented (D610,782S) as well as the G-Wrap Hair Bonnet (D720,120S). 

Each member of our Company share the same passion to assure that we have complete customer satisfaction.

The G-Wrap Company was started in 2007 by Grethel Simmonds, or "Dell" as she is known by her close friends and family. She was generally frustrated by hair wraps that failed to stay on during sleep and were  uncomfortable to wear. So she set out to design a  hair wrap that would not only be feminine but actually stayed on the head without discomfort during sleep.
Our goal is to provide high quality products that would deliver on what it promises every time.

 Family Pic0001.jpgSimmonds Family