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100% Silk G-Wrap Hair Scarves

G-Wraps® hair scarves in100% imported silk fabrics. Designed with our patented  stretch lace forehead band. Protect your hair while you sleep  with our finest silk hair scarves or wear as a stylish accessory anytime, anywhere. Click on links or pictures below for more info.

Bridge-Wrap_habotai.jpeg100% Silk Habotai G-Wrap Hair Scarf w/Stretch Lace FrontBe the first one to write a review
100% silk habotai G-Wrap Hair Scarf. Featherweight fabric (8mm)
SKU SLKH-PP02Price $20.00
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Satin_GWrap_Black.JPG100% Silk Charmeuse G-Wrap Hair Scarf Be the first one to write a review
New! 100% silk charmeuse (12mm) sleep hair scarf
SKU SLKCH-BLKPrice $22.00
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